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October 15, 2006



welll it depends on a lot of things. plus im not a photography expert. Matt singer who is a pretty decent photographer once told me that I shouldnt center my subjects.
Just because pictures are in perfect focus doesn't make them great or even good. I have a ton of photos that are in perfect focus but are wayyy too close to the flower (I rarely shoot anything but flowers, suprised?). and the shot makes you want to back away.
Of your shots, I think the Aroids are absolutely gorgeous (pink ones in the vertical shot). The composition is awesome, i love how the flowers are both "looking" in the same direction, and the color is beautiful and the background looks like a water color. I love the texture of the bracts (pink parts) and on the inflorescence (penis like structure). The rose is cool (white one), and the yellow aster type ones at the top are alright.
I think the purple flowers are awful, no offense meant. the photo is really busy and the focused ones arent defined nearly enough from the background. plus none of the flowers are facing the camera (I guess i have a personal preference for that though).
anyways, those are my thoughts. like i said...NOT an expert


I am a photography expert with about 25 years of experience. What makes a great nature shot - a naked woman. A naked woman with a flower will always out shell and out score a lone flowers. Even Maplethorp used naked peoplw with his flowers at time. The only nature photographer who didn't do it was Ansel Adams and we know about him now don't we? Pack animals always pack animals. Too much said as usual.

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