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May 15, 2007


i agree with you. in fact i think it should even get a little MORE casual. becoming more popular would totally ruin it, and the people who want it to do so, and who want it to become a competitive and recognized sport were the ones who ruined it for me.


oh uh, i guess i should have put my name to that comment and the one regarding your blog.


Amen! Wait, play for money - will there be back pay? I've got a 20 year bill to submit. I'll settle for a free hotel room and beverages at Fools Fest for the rest of my life.

duvetica kappa

Congratulating Narendra Modi on his gain, Bharatiya Janata Occasion president Nitin Gadkari thanked the persons of Gujarat and expressed hope which the state would carry on with all the tempo of advancement under the management from the Main Minister. "I thank the persons of Gujarat for supporting BJP. I congratulate Narendra Modi and also the BJP leaders and social gathering staff in Gujarat," stated Gadkari.

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