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August 15, 2005



ok...i cant really think of any off the top of my head...i will post as i think of them... but the first thing that came to my mind was the fact that (more than once) i have seen the phrase "in and of itself" (which really means nothing at all, when you think about it)...written as "init of itself" which means even less. like does anyone consider what "INIT" could possibly mean?? ahh livejournals....


"For all intensive purposes" is actually "for all intents and purposes."

I believe that "init of itself" my actually be "in and of itself."

Things mutate when we say them too fast. I like mutations.


I recently saw an article which used the phrase "common-all-garden" instead of "common or garden".

I occasionally hear people say "I could care less", when they mean "I couldn't care less".

Bill Hause

Here are a few...
"Wave of the future" vs. "Way of the future"

Holier than Though vs. "Holier than now"


I used to swear "might as well" was one word, "mineaswell".

P.S. Check out today's Huffington Post, even Arianna is blogging about apostrophes.

Laura Foster

"tie me over" vs "tide me over"

Sam Tyler

"Take for granite" instead of "Take for granted"

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