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June 29, 2005



Unless NYc is very different than everywhere else, the state and/or city actually owns a right of way a certain number of feet from a public street, which nearly always includes the sidewalk, although portions of the sidewalk near the building may well be private property. Of course, you can simply walk on the sidewalk near the street. While there are probably loitering laws, those are not enforceable by private citizens, i.e., corporations. My point? If they try to kick you off the sidewalk, tell them to bite you. If they physically restrain or move you, you're in luck - open and shut lawsuit.

Power to the people!

The FBI's criminal offense reporting program, which captures crimes which are noted to police, is among two statistical measures of criminal offense ranges issued with the Justice Section. Traditionally, a lot less than fifty percent of all crimes, including violent crimes, are noted to police. The other evaluate, the nationwide criminal offense victimization study, is meant to capture criminal offense knowledge irrespective of whether it can be noted to police or not.

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