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April 22, 2005



I have been getting into entymology lately because I'm reading this text book Jess got me for Christmas on the Indo-Europeans. At least I think I'm getting into entymology - that's the one about words, right? Not bugs. I'm no more into bugs now than I was a while back.

I'm interested in the verb "to goad." It's a great word. Sounds kind of ancient. Hard consonants on both ends, which is nice to say. I'd like to know where it comes from, but I'm avoiding work to type this, and researching its origins smacks of work.

Ooh, "smacks" is another great word when used in that context.

Earlier, I "goaded" Jess into buying a trio on Ebay. It was fun, even though I only used the word once in the process. I plan to do more goading in the near future. I'm travelling to Europe next week, so I'd like to see how different cultures react to being goaded. My guess is the French will smack me.


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